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Buying – When you are in the market for a new home or investment, our team will work closely with you to evaluate your needs in terms of space, location and any other features you desire to find the home of your dreams. With access to multiple listing resources in the area, knowledge and experience, The Top Investments will assist you in making a sound decision when purchasing your new home.



Selling a property – Allow the Team of Real Estate experts to assist you with every facet of selling your property. From suggestions for how to get the most value from your house to implementing a successful marketing plan in a variety of media, The Top Investments has the experience to know what it takes to help you reach your goal of a timely and financially sound sale. Once a buyer is found, our team professionalism ensures that you are properly represented in every meeting and contract signing. Nothing is left to chance or done without your complete consent and approval, guaranteeing you an enjoyable and rewarding experience.



Rent – For short term and economic solutions, many individuals look to property rental as opposed to purchase.

Our team understands that renting the right property is just as important as purchasing one so we make sure we work closely with each rental client to find them a space that meets all of their needs.

Our agency can also assist property owners who seek to “jump-start” their tenant occupancy. The Top Investments uses its experience in marketing properties to list property rentals to the appropriate audience. We will assist you with coordinating showings and implementing rental agreements, to make the most out of your investment.
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